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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Dinner Makeover

Assalamualaikum, Good day lovelies ! :)
I've planned so long to update the pictures for the SCIENCESS Annual Grand Dinner. Sorry for the delays. I've been enjoying my holidays at home. HEHE.

Alright, as what I've said before, I am now a final year student and this dinner was organized to celebrate us, aww. so sweet ain't it? It was held in MS Garden Hotel, Kuantan. So, I did 4 makeover for my friends. Oh i forgot to mention that the theme for that night is Purple and Silver. Thanks to the Photographers that night, let's take a look at these photos :)

Meet Dura, she is daring because she prefer to wear RED instead of Purple and Silver just like the other.
i set her makeup to be classy look. not heavy, very subtle and sweet :)

photo by : Zairi Zaidi

Another pose

photo by : Zairi Zaidi

This girl, Muliati Awatif, (teman balik rumah hehe) is a feelance photographer too. 
She asked me to do something about the eyes so that she could look different form usual. 
I guess I've done a good job and she satisfied, Alhamdulillah :)

photo by: Awatif

Meet my roomate, Sharifah Shahida. 
She is beautiful with an Arabian girl feature. So i set the makeup to be romantic and sweet look :)

photo by : Zairi Zaidi

yes all of them three are my most gorgeous models. tq :)
On my right, Dura as mentioned above, her theme was the classy lady-like.
On my left side, Atif, her makeup was meant to be romantic look.
Ruzira on the most left side, i set her makeup to be Cleopatra-like. 

photo by : Awatif

thank you so much for using my makeup service, really appreciate it much babes ! At last we managed to take pictures together just as soon as the dinner was over. 

photo by : Awatif

I set her makeup to be in romantic look. she has tiny eyes but Alhamdulillah, I managed to make them look bigger :) by the way, this picture was taken as soon as the dinner was coming to an end. But, the makeup still stays on her face. i LIKE it! and yes, mine too :)

photo by: Awatif

Last pose from us, thank you lovelies for spending your time here. :)

I planned to have another Photoshoot session with the Photographers, just waiting for the right time. Most probably soon after Final Exam. So, stay tuned for more updates lovelies :)

p/s: I really appreciate your comments, but please do send suggestions instead of hatred comments that have no other purposes except jealousy, i can't help that, seriously :) I would never care either.LOL. 

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