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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Top Selling and Makeup Artist Most Favorite Foundation!

Assalamualaikum lovelies :)
I am so excited to share the Makeup Artist Most Favorite Foundation !!
I have been flooded with questions of what is my favorite foundation to be worn daily or to groom my models and customers. I have fallen in love with this foundation since a year ago. I used to have problems when my previous foundation is not doing its job. Oily face with uncovered pimple scars on my face are so distracting. But thanks to this foundation that has made me feel at least, better now:)

130 and 140 is used for Chinese or Malays with fair skin color
141 is used by fair Malays ( i use this )
150, 151 and 152 for tanned Malays
153 is used by the Indians and may also be used for Shading
161 is used to cover eyebags for tanned skin
171 is used to cover eyebags and also as concealer for reddish pimple scars
181 is used as makeup base or filling to cover deep pimple scars

Honestly, this foundation is better than any other BB cream or foundation because it wont make your skin looks darker once the makeup on your face started to melt under the hot sun. You wont have to retouch your makeup every minute just to absorb the sebum on your face. Wonder what is sebum? Its the natural oil that functioned as an agent to fight against bacterias. Most of the time, we tended to remove those by using facial blotter or tissue. Usually, when the bacterias trapped under the epidermis, there goes the problems which is pimples, acnes or even blemishes.

However, you wont have these problems when you used this foundation. Name your skin problems
-dry and sensitive
-have eyebags and blemished
-whiteheads and blackheads

All of these problems can be solved by applying this foundation prior to compact powder or lose powder.
Best of all, you wont have to buy it every 3months or so because this one tiny bottle may last up to 1 - 2 years. Convenient isn't it? And your makeup will last more than 5hours. You wont have problem when performing ablution (wudhu'). To clean your face, just blot it using makeup remover and washed with your facial cleanser.Finally, rinse it and you may perform solah without any doubt that you have excessive makeup on your face that could not be washed off.

Ok lovelies. I guess that's all for now. Ill reveal more tips next time okay?
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Thankyou lovelies, Assalamualaikum :)