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Friday, 16 December 2011

Wedding in Kuala Terengganu

I cant believe that Im still awake, Miahaha.
Last month i went to Kuala Terengganu to do a makeover for a bride
We haven't finished yet with the Outdoor Photoshoot. So these are just some of the best shots i wanted to reveal

Excited? Yes I am. 

the cropped candid version, thankyou :)

OH, Thankyou for using our services. Cant wait for the next Photoshoot!
more photos coming up soon. yeah soon, I dont know when. Miahaha.

Petua Cantik #1

Hello lovelies, Assalamualaikum. Hows your day today? Mine is a bit tiring today. No. It is very tiring. I am now enjoying my life as a senior. Doing my Final Year Project and to tell you the truth, it took hours of my time in a day! Huh!~

Ok, I received quite a number of private messages asking me to give a few beauty tips. Oh lovelies, I am not as pretty as Cleopatra but I will try my best to share a few tips on how i take care of my skin. OK?

I guess there will be another tips coming up but just to share the basic one with you first. Traditionally, we have seen our grandmothers have been practicing wearing bedak sejuk :) So what are the benefits wearing the rice-masker? 

1. cooling down your face, reduce inflammation
2. tightening your pores
3. lighten your skin without peeling

See? there are lots of traditional brands selling this bedak sejuk. My late grandmother (Al-Fatihah) used to make her own rice-masker and she used to gave me some and asked me to apply it on my face, besides always performing the ablution (wudhu'). 

But honestly, i am very very lazy to apply them. Blame me with these aliens on my face.
As far as i remember, she only used rice. No additional preservatives and additives used compared to using modern masker. 

Wonder how to wear this rice masker? Simple!
1. take few molecules of them ( molecules?mengarut betul )
2. pour cold water onto them and let it change from solid to liquid form ( scientific enough! )
3. dab on your face especially the problematic areas. T-zone, and cheeks
4. let it dry
5. rinse your face thoroughly with clean water 

eassssyy people! so Let us practice back using this as an alternative rather than putting so much of chemicals on our face. Who is risky by doing that? Its you. The choice is yours!

jom2.nk gelek2 bedak sejuk dan tepek2 ke muka! wah! cun lah esok :)