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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Warm welcome, people!

Hye Assalamualaikum everyone!

Finally. I have made an effort to start writing and blogging.
Thank you to those who have made me realized that I somehow need this medium to share my thoughts with each and everyone of you.

As an Introduction, this blog is going to be filled with lots of pictures and beauty tips dedicated for u girls out there. And guys too in case you accidentally came across this humble-kinda blog.

I am a freelance Hairstylist and my journey begins when I was 14 years old. Started with cutting my own hair and doing hairstyles for my friends, it somehow became so synonymous to me until now. And most of my friends know me as a Hairstylist since high-schools. Later on, i continued my passion towards this hair styling by attending courses as well as working temporarily in the Spa and Saloons. Yes, its been years now. And I have to apologize that I am not going to reveal or publish any of my Muslim customers photos without hijab. It is something private and hopefully everyone could accept that.

Alhamdulillah, I am now having more than i could ever imagine. I can even do make-over for my friends and relatives. The main reason I decided to become a part-time Makeup Artist is that, i don't want the ladies to reveal their aurah towards the opposite gender just to become pretty and beautiful on their biggest day, such as Wedding, Engagements, so on and so forth. So ladies, let ME help you to look more beautiful and captivating without having to ask for the male makeup artist to do it for you.

Any questions, you may send me an email
I will reply you once i got myself hooked up on the laptops. No worries!
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So please flood this blog with your questions and wishes.
May Allah bless u always! Have a good day everyone!